Combining Sets

XLCubed has lots of options for Ranking, Sorting and Filtering (And Searching. And Grouping. And, and and … 😉)

As well as all of these, one often overlooked aspect of the Advanced member selector is the member combination mode.

This enables lots of interesting scenarios, especially as you can run more advanced selections on the results of these.

For example, if we want to examine the bestselling products we can see how they differ by country.

If we have the top 10 products for Canada, we can combine those with the top 10 in France. Here’s the initial setup. (The settings for the second ranking are the same, just with the selected country swapped)

This give us 12 rows as some of the products are in the top 10 in both countries:

By changing the combination option, we can easily find the products that are popular in both counties:

Or find which products are popular in Canada, but don’t make the top 10 in France:

You don’t have to combine rankings, any member selections, filters or sorts can be combined to get the final result.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier you can perform any final steps on the result too before the grid is complete. If you press an Advanced toolbar button when you have multiple sets then the new operation is added to the whole combined result.

In this case I’ve just added an alphabetical sort to the products.

Another common use-case for this approach is ‘Top and Flop’ or ‘Hit and Miss’ reports combining the Top & Bottom ‘x’ items. The Advanced part of the member selector gives you the flexibility to be as creative as you need.


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