2009 Excel Dashboard Competition

We are pleased to announce the 2009 Excel Dashboard Competition:

The Competition

Like last year, the competition is for real world solutions, we are not providing a sample data set, and we’re looking forward to seeing some great examples of reports, charts and dashboards.

The dashboards are judged on the clarity and effectiveness of their design, particularly

  • Clean and clear organization
  • Effective table and chart design
  • A single-screen display, properly designed for the web, screen or print outs

We’ll also consider technical aspects of the dashboard, did it use effective  techniques for

  • The Dashboard layout
  • Data management, data logic and calculation : YTD figures, variances, etc….
  • Dashboard delivery: Sharing the dashboard via PDF, the web or as an Excel Workbook

There will be prizes for the top 3 entries, with the winner having first choice of prize from:

The Rules
We’ve kept the rules simple:

  • The solution must be in Excel 2000 or more recent, and not require additional software other than Excel and Chart Tamer , MicroCharts and XLCubed.
  • Entries can use any combination of tables, Excel charts,  bullet graphs and MicroCharts (sparklines). Each have their strengths and role to play in an effective dashboard
  • We will publish the top 3 dashboards on our website, so please ensure this is not problematic for any of your submissions.
  • Please change names and data as appropriate in the dashboards to protect the innocent.
  • Final Entries by 19 July 2009, Judges decision final!