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We have begun to compile a series of videos to help all users of our products. We will keep adding instructional videos on a regular basis, though if you are a current customer and there is a particular element you would like to see let us know at support@xlcubed.com These videos provide a highlighted quick introduction to the possibilities and functionality, to fully explore and understand the capabilities of the product set contact the team to arrange an evaluation or comprehensive training course.

XLCubed Videos:

Video 1 – Getting started with XLCubed In this video we show how to get started with XLCubed, creating a connection to you analysis cube and building a sample report.

Video 2 – XLCubed Grid Navigation in this video we show how to navigate around an XLCubed grid in Excel and utilise some more of the functions.

Video 3 – Introduction to formula reporting with XLCubed Excel edition in this video we show how to use the formula mode in XLCubed to query an analysis services cube.

Video 4 – Publishing a dashboard to the web using XLCubed in this video we show you how you can publish your XLCubed report/dashboard to the web using XLCubed web edition.

Video 5 – Ad-hoc reporting using XLCubed Web using the XLCubed web edition we demonstrate ad-hoc reporting against an analysis services cube in a thin client web browser.

Video 6 – XLCubed user defined calculations This report shows how you can use XLCubed Excel edition to create user defined calculations.

Video 7 – Extending an XLCubed report with Excel functionality The first brief introduction to extending an XLCubed report using Excel functionality. In this video we show how you can drive a report from an Excel range.

Video 8 – XLCubed Relational database support The first video using XLCubed to connect to a relational database, querying the dataset using SQL.

Video 9 – XLCubed Report Templates How to use XLCubed templates to provide a starting point for end users.

Video 10 – coming soon, using parameters in a URL to drive an XLCubed report

Video 11 – coming soon, visual grids – XLCubed grids with integrated MicroCharts

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/xlcubed

MicroCharts Videos:

Video MC1 – Introduction to MicroCharts – Sparklines An introduction to creating Sparklines with MicroCharts for Excel, in cell charts for your Excel spreadsheet or dashboard.

Video MC2 – Bullet Graphs in Information Dashboards  An overview of Bullet Graphs, and how to build them using MicroCharts in Excel

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